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    Black Cumin Seed Oil 250mL

    CHF 16.96
    Rich of healthy fats such as omega 3, 6 and 9 Contains antioxidants Known as purifier of the skin 100% without additives 100% Cold pressed to preserve the benefits, minerals...

    Carob Molasses 250mL

    CHF 6.29
    Ingredients: Carob, water No additional additives or preservatives are used in the product. How to be used: 1 tablespoon (full) before the morning, lunch or dinner once a day. For...

    Lady’s Mantle Herbal Teabags

    CHF 6.37
    20 Teabags, Alchemilla Vulgaris, Natural

    Toothpaste With Thyme 75mL

    CHF 8.11
    It does not contain SLS, Paraben, Folmaldehyde, Triclosan, Fluoride, Paint and artificial sweeteners. Provides oral care when used regularly. Ingredients: Featured Content: Thyme, propolis, mint. Calcium Carbonate (Calcium Mineral), Aqua...

    Fig Seed Oil

    CHF 30.62
    Antioxidant Contains Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 Omega 3 fatty acids keep the skin well- moisturized and conditioned Contains iron, calcium and phosphorus 100% without additives 100% Cold...

    Pro Collagen Mango

    CHF 39.31
    Supplement Collagen SupportWhat is Collagen? As we get older, the capacity of the body to produce collagen decreases, thus reducing the amount of collagen in the skin creates a drier,...

    Lavandin Herbal Teabags

    CHF 5.65
    20 Teabags, Lavandula Stoechas, Natural

    Syrah Grape Paste - 300 g

    CHF 13.54
    Ingredients: Shiraz type grapes No additional additives or preservatives are used in the product. How to be used: 1 teaspoon 2 times a day before morning and evening meals. It...

    Oriental Plane Herbal Teabags

    CHF 5.39
    20 Teabags, Platanus orientalis, Natural

    Canned Tuna Fish in Olive Oil - 12x80g

    CHF 25.34
    More product information will follow soon ..

    Apple Cider Vinegar 250mL

    CHF 6.04
    Ingredients:Apple (100%). It is prepared from the apples of the Niğde region.It has a natural color, does not contain artificial coloring, preservatives and anti-deposits. How to be used:You can consume...

    Toothpaste With Activated Carbon 75mL

    CHF 8.83 CHF 6.62
    It provides deep cleaning with the active carbon which helps whiten teeth. It also cleans small particles that cannot be cleaned with normal toothpaste and provides whitening of the teeth....

    Avocado Leaves Herbal Teabags

    CHF 4.75
    20 Teabags, Persea Americana, Natural

    Rose Water 250mL

    CHF 10.99
    Rose flowers collected from Isparta were processed by distillation method and prepared in their most natural form with the oil they contain. It provides an effective cleaning in your daily...

    Lemon Balm Herbal Teabags

    CHF 5.39
    20 Teabags, Melissa Officinalis, Natural

    Nettle Shampoo 400mL

    CHF 12.28
    The nettle extracts in its content could prevent the healing process of eczema supports. Nettle extracts nourish the hair from root to tip in terms of vitamin and mineral richness....
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