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About Us

About Us

"The flow of natural products for health" which started in 1997 in Turkey, Saraçoğlu A.Ş., founded by Prof. Dr. İbrahim Adnan Saraçoğlu, operates in the production, promotion and sales of natural and organic products. The company, which is one of the pioneers of the sector, founder Prof. Dr. İbrahim Adnan Saraçoğlu's, is based on long-term studies on the preventive and therapeutic effects of herbs. It also attaches importance to raising public awareness about the importance of natural plants on human health and the protection of Anatolian seeds.

The company, which brings its products to consumers with the brand "Prof. Saracoglu", acts with the mission: people from nature find health with a natural life. Offers more than three hundred products such as natural herbs, herbal teas, food supplements, aromatic and edible oils, skin and hair care products, soaps, natural cosmetics, natural cleaning products and also baby products. In Turkey, there are 35 concept stores and 90 sales points, the company is also constantly expanding their overseas sales network.

The trend towards natural products is increasing day by day in Europe, within a population of approximately 500 million. As a company operating in Europe, we are excited to bring the products of Prof Saraçoğlu, who never compromises on quality, to the European consumers.

Our company AYLAM B.V., which is headquartered in The Netherlands and has been operating in other sectors so far, where ‘natural products’ always is at the forefront has started the sale of Prof. Saraçoğlu products throughout Europe, as of 2019. We look forward to sharing these natural products from Anatolia with you on this road we have entered for a healthier life and healthier aging.




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