091 - Bitki Seti

091 - Bitki Seti

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Lavandula stoechas 3x20pcs teabag (CY00-URN-0014)

Carob Molasses 250mL (DGPK-URN-0011)

The method of preparation and application will be provided with your order. The herbals with the right type are selected, separated and packaged according to Prof Saracoglu methods.

Consult and inform your physician before use of these products. Be sure you use your medicines (prescribed by your physician). Do not attempt to treat yourself with the information here, without going to the physician and without diagnosis, regardless of your complaint. The information contained herein does strictly not have a disease diagnostic purposes. Only a physician is able to make the diagnosis. Do not forget that there is no disease, there are patients. The course of each disease varies from person to person. Do not forget that these products belong to the herbal groups and/or food supplements, which are helpful and supportive. Attention should be paid to the instructions for use of the mentioned products.

No sugar or similar additives (including lemon) should be added in any way to make it sweeter the taste.
It is not recommended to apply/use more than one herbal set at the
same time.

In order to get detailed information about the products and/or herbal sets, you can send your questions to our info@aylam.eu e-mail address by typing the name of the product/herbal set and writing" I want to get information about the product" in the subject section.

Please note:
Herbal/food supplement products are not promoted by specifying the indication and the name of the disease in accordance with the relevant law and advertising regulation rules. Our products are herbal/food supplements, no drugs.

We wish you healthy days …