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Latin: Alchemilla vulgaris
English: Layd's mantle
German: Frauenmantel


Against hair growth in women
Estrogen hormone booster,
Against inflammatory rheumatism of the joints,
Against high FSH hormone levels,
It is helpful and supportive against menstrual disorders.

The shelf life of sawtooth lion's claw should not exceed one year. This is because it loses its effect by 75% in the second year. Sawtooth lion's claw should be grown in places where the summer months are not too hot and the soil is moist and in the shade. Sawtooth lion's paws love lots of light, but direct sunlight is not for them.

If the sawtooth lion's paw leaves start to sweat or water bubbles start to form on the leaves, you know it will rain that day or the next. In ancient times, women who lived in areas with sudden rain would look at the leaves of the toothed lion's claw before collecting their laundry and hanging it outside to dry. When the leaves began to sweat, the laundry was collected. Especially young girls and middle-aged women collected the sweat accumulated on the leaves of this plant and rubbed it on their faces, giving them fresh and glowing skin.

In addition, the water on the sweaty leaves of the sawtooth lion's claw is an excellent protection and prevention against freckles that appear in summer. It is very effective in making freckles on the face disappear. When the young women of the Renaissance had sweat on the leaves of this plant while walking in nature, they immediately wiped this sweat off with their fingers and rubbed it on their faces. There are still peasant women in Europe today who do this. There are so many natural blessings that have been buried and forgotten in history that the people of today are so far removed from observing nature.

With the toothed lion's claw, I started researching in the late seventies. I saw that using the leaves and stems together can be effective against diarrhoea. Those who do not have diarrhoea should not worry about constipation when drinking their tea. Because it does not cause constipation. It slows down and controls the perisaltic movements of the intestines. It is a good helper for people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

It is a good helper in the rapid closure of surgical wounds when wounds are difficult to close or after operations. For those who suffer from frequent anaemia (iron-related anaemia), I recommend drinking the tea of this plant at least five to six times a week.


It is an herb most commonly used by women since ancient times. In Europe and Russia there is almost no woman who does not know it. A big problem for women who have had many children is the high risk of miscarriage. This herb has the ability to strengthen the uterine muscles. It is used to save women who have miscarried in the later months of their pregnancy (fourth, fifth and sixth months). The tea of sawtooth lion's claw, drunk once or twice a day from the third month of pregnancy, strengthens the uterine muscles and thus eliminates the risk of miscarriage in advanced periods of pregnancy.

Sawtooth lion's claw for women!

Dear reader, Allah did not create anything without a reason. Everything He created was created for a reason and for a purpose. I can say that the saw-toothed lion's claw was created for the uterus of women. Just like fuel oil was created for men's prostate problems.

It is helpful for women who are prone to early menopause. When young girls and women suffer from menstrual irregularities, the serrated lion's claw is an excellent help. It also helps balance female hormones. It also has the ability to stop and control intermenstrual bleeding caused by uterine fibroids or fibroids.

FSH hormone is also helpful for young women who have started to get pregnant. When tested on the third day of their menstruation at the age of 30, the FSH level shows an increase and a worry develops in women "I am going through menopause". This fear makes them anxious and even drives some of them into depression. The panic and anxiety that occurs can have a greater negative impact on hormone balance and trigger menstrual irregularities.

I recommend this herb to women who lose too much blood during their menstruation or whose menstruation lasts for a long time.

Although this is not a general rule, women who suffer from sadness and anxiety may start menstruating a few days earlier, while women who have an angry and stressful period may delay menstruation a few days later. This is an indication of how a woman's mood can affect her menstrual days.

I called it the woman's plant. What makes sawtooth lion's claw strong in this sense is the active ingredient it contains, phlobaphene.

The Swiss use it against arteriosclerosis and stroke, while the Hungarians use it as a diuretic and as an aid to quick wound closure.

Use against menstrual irregularities and hair problems!

Three to four grams (one teaspoon) of dried sawtooth lion's claw is added to a glass of boiling (150-200 ml) chlorine-free water and boiled on low heat for ten minutes. Then let it cool and filter it when it is warm. Drink a glass of water every day for a month. After one month, take a week's break. After a one-week break, the one-month cure is repeated in the same way. And the cure is completed. The most suitable drinking times for the cure are two hours after breakfast or in the afternoon on an empty stomach.

If the menstrual irregularity recurs in the future, cycle 1 is repeated in the same way.

Use against FSH hormone high!

Three to four grams (one teaspoon) of dried sawtooth lion's paw are added to a boiling glass (150-200 ml) of chlorine-free water. It is continued to boil on low heat for ten minutes. Then let it cool and filter it when it is warm. Drink a glass of water twice a day for one month. The first intake is two hours after breakfast, the second two hours after dinner. Fresh preparation is essential each time. After one month, take a one-week break. After a one-week break, the one-month cure is repeated in the same way. And the cure is completed.

I would like to emphasise that serrated lion's claw should not be used in areas close to Ebter and/or GOD seed growing areas. Although agriculture in our country does not use GOD seeds, it is a pity that 95% Ebter seeds are grown in vegetables.

Wenn Ihnen Ihr Arzt Medikamente verordnet hat, sollten Sie diese unbedingt anwenden. Nutzen Sie die Bewerbung hier als Unterstützer. Sie müssen wissen, ob Sie allergisch gegen die Pflanze sind, die Sie verwenden möchten. Holen Sie hierzu die Meinung Ihres Arztes ein. Versuchen Sie unabhängig von Ihrer Beschwerde nicht, sich mit den Informationen in diesem Buch zu behandeln, ohne zum Arzt zu gehen und eine Diagnose zu stellen. Die Informationen in diesem Buch sind sicherlich nicht dazu gedacht, eine Krankheit zu diagnostizieren.