Pro Collagen Mango

Supplement Collagen SupportWhat is Collagen? As we get older, the capacity of the body to produce collagen decreases, thus reducing the amount of collagen in the skin creates a drier,...

Supplement Collagen Support
What is Collagen?

As we get older, the capacity of the body to produce collagen decreases, thus reducing the amount of collagen in the skin creates a drier, wrinkled and less elastic appearance. Collagen wraps your skin like a net, helps to provide firmness, elasticity, moisture and shine to it, providing strength against external factors and reducing the aging effect of the skin.

Difference Between Fish Collagen and Bovine Collagen

In researches, it is shared that fish-derived collagen is more valuable for skin, and bovine-derived collagen is more valuable for bone and joint health. In fish collagen, which is the most effective for the skin, the production stages increase the quality of the product. It must be obtained from fish that are not contaminated with heavy metals and must be produced in an appropriate production facility. Fish collagen peptide stands out with its small molecule structure, so absorption is faster.

What is Pro Collagen Mango®?

Pro Collagen Mango® is produced using Synergene technology. In Synergene technology; With laboratory and clinical studies, each component is tested separately and included in the formula in a way that their potential is at the highest level. The highest level of bioavailability is provided. Pro Collagen Mango has been specially formulated for skin health by adding Mango extract, Rice extract, Goat buckthorn extract and Fish collagen, which are proven by scientific studies.

Pro Collagen Mango® Ingredients:

Cod Fish

NOTE: Our fish collagen, which we use in the product, is a halal component, supplied from the French brand Naticol® Collagen Peptides, which is the oldest collagen producer in Europe with 180 years of experience in collagen production.

Mango Extract

Crushed Spindle Extract,

Goji Fruit Powder,

Rice Extract,


How to be used:

There is a 10-day dose in a box.

It is recommended to shake and consume 1 bottle (50 ml) of the product daily. It is used without the risk of contamination with a specially designed disposable glass bottle, it is easy to drink. (There is no fish flavor or smell.)

It is recommended to consume before going to bed or in the morning to increase absorption and effect.

It is recommended that the daily dose be consumed regularly every day at the time that the user will specify.

Recommendation: For effective skin care, we recommend using Mihr Anti-Aging Cream and Detox Anti-Aging Face Serum.

This product is not intended to cure, prevent, treat or diagnose any disease. This product is a nutritional supplement.

Do not ignore the doctor's control and/or advice. Inform your doctor about your use of this product.

If you have any further questions you can reach us at or by phone at +316 24528784.

We wish you healthy days …

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