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Latin: Calendula officinalis
English: Marigold
German: Marigold

In which areas is the calendula plant used?

Against general fungal complaints,
Against the symptoms of intestinal, stomach, mouth, tongue and lung fungi,
Against gastric ulcer, gastritis, reflux problems,
In microbial gastric diseases,
Against elevated liver enzymes,
blood purifier,
Against the complaint of microbial jaundice,
acceleration of the healing process of wounds,
Against the carbuncle lawsuit,
Against the symptoms of vascular inflammation,
The Calendula plant is recommended as a supportive and supportive treatment against age spot symptoms.


The most important thing to consider when using all of these remedies is: is the shelf life of the plant. The second reason is that the plant was collected at the right time. The third point is how the plant is dried. Depending on the characteristics of each plant, it should be dried under appropriate conditions. Some plants need to be planted in the shade, some in the sun and some in the dark. The most important thing is that the plant you use is absolutely of the right species. If it is not the right type of plant, the effect of the treatment is significantly reduced.